What were you up to on Tuesday? 

Enjoying your Starbucks caramel macchiato? Or boycotting that? Well good for you. 

Because for many school students, class was not in session: they had bigger things to worry about. 

Hundreds of New York City students marched out of class on Tuesday afternoon to protest Donald Trump's travel ban.

We're kinda surprised they walked out with little to no issue, but as it turns out, some teachers voiced their concerns about not going. However, some were awesome enough to cheer them on. We're sure they were happy that the kids were listening in their history classes.

College and high school students banded together at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan. If that location sounds familiar, it's the same location a lot of previous protests this winter.

According to DNAInfo, high school speakers spoke out against Trump's hotly contested order that restricts travelers from seven majority Muslim countries, deeming it as a heinous act that demonizes a person based on their faith.


The ban is now temporarily blocked by a federal judge's ruling, who has also been spoken about by Trump as the reason terrorists are allowed in. And that any attacks that arise are this 'so-called' judge's fault. 

Oh, and apparently, the media is hiding terrorist attacks.


It's difficult not to have an opinion on President Trump and his policies (and his Twitter), along with the attitudes that people have developed as a result of it. Hence why we cover and notify you guys of the protests, boycotts, and strikes going on in NYC, on both sides. 

Stay vigilant, folks. Everyone in this nation has a voice, and we will always be ready to hear it.

[via DNAInfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]