And now, we can talk about a boycott that actually matters.

Buckle up today New Yorkers, and hold on to your corner store purchases.

As of February 2, Yemeni-owned bodegas will be going on strike in response to Trump’s executive order.

And yeah, this is a pretty big f***ing deal.

Yemeni Americans are the backbone of the New York bodega scene, so one can imagine how angry they must be about their family members having visa applications, but can’t reunite because they are put on hold.

At Brooklyn Borough Hall, there will be a public speaking by merchants, where they will share the impact on their lives thanks to the ban and share similar stories on behalf of the people who don’t want to speak up.


According to Buzzfeed, the strike is planned from 12-8 p.m. which is great for everyone that can grab a breakfast sandwich in the morning. But you guys who wake up hungover in the afternoon? You're screwed.

Big time. Same goes for those who run to grab Arizona iced tea during lunch break.

Jokes aside, over 1,000 bodegas are participating in this shop-freeze across all of NYC, so be warned and take time to think about this public outcry when you're sammich-less and your neighbor has a real issue to deal with. 

Unlike the Starbucks boycott, this is an actual problem. 

[via Buzzfeed] [Feature Image Courtesy DailyDot]