Remember in the Toby Maguire Spiderman movies how New Yorkers came together in a crisis?

A lot of people who aren’t from NYC have the mentality that the helpful, compassionate New Yorker is a myth– like an urban unicorn.

But last week proved how New Yorkers really behave when someone tries to spread hate; no superhero or spandex required.

Gregory Locke was on a 1 train in Manhattan when he saw numerous swastikas drawn across the car he was in with a marker. All of the other passengers were silent for a while, uneasy about the new decor being shoved in their faces.

Rather than quietly ride the train in silence, he opted to instead pull out hand sanitizer and tissues when a fellow passenger informed the riders about alcohol working on sharpie.

Everyone proceeded to follow suit, taking out their napkins and like true Americans.

After Trump's election, a considerable spike of white supremacist agendas have been openly pushed across the U.S., with a vigor that wasn't seen previously. 


We don't think it's a coincidence, considering how our current president's campaign rhetoric focused on demonizing minorities, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

The American people have been having similar responses to the negativity with scrubbing away hateful graffiti, marching in protest, and punching nazis in the face. Or going to film festivals about punching nazis in the face.

As you may have guessed, we don’t take kindly to nazis or nazi emblems. At all. Especially on our subway system.


According to Gothamist, Governor Cuomo's office will be starting a task force with the inclusion of the New York State Police and the New York State Division of Human Rights later in 2017. The task force will be instructed to investigate hate crimes and conduct community outreach to educate New Yorkers of their rights.

We hope that the task force will be active soon, but in the meantime, we can all try to be heroes when we are faced with discrimination. And have our Purell ready.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Facebook]