Oh look, Starbucks is trending again.

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Grab your pitchforks people, this is a doozy.

Trump Supporters are boycotting Starbucks and their products, in response to the announcement of hiring 10,000 refugees all across the globe.

This action by Howard Schultz, CEO of the coffee company, was in response following President Trump's executive order barring immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries and Syrian refugees.

Yeah...so our president puts forth a ban on entire nations of people based on religion from coming to the U.S., Starbuck was like ‘not cool bro’ and then Trump supporters are having a tizzy over who serves them coffee.

According to Gothamist, the rage was so much so that #BoycottStarbucks is a trending twitter hashtag amongst people taking selfies with Dunkin Donuts or middle fingers to the establishments across the U.S.

Because calling for a boycott will surely put a dent in Starbuck’s annual revenue.

Just like how die-hard Christmas fanatics protested about the cup design going red, then green. Good times.


A lot of ‘concerned citizens’ have voiced their dismay that the title barista would be given to refugees over Americans. And the right-wing public outcry is that high-school or college students are going to be unable to find jobs.

Because only high-schoolers and college students can make coffee.

Or should be able to. Or should be obligated to be able to apply for. All college students want to be baristas. And only Starbucks is hiring. And only the Starbucks in the U.S. are hiring refugees, that whole bit about the coffee joints everywhere else is a lie.


We’re pretty sure that these people didn’t give a damn as to whether a bachelor’s degree student or retired war veteran was behind the counter until this announcement was made, but we digress.

As long as they can make a non-fat carafe iced latte with extra whipped creme, we don’t see a difference other than the fact that as a customer, we will have to acknowledge that the world is not sunshine and rainbows and that other people need jobs and are fighting for their rights to be here.

And right before we drink our coffee, woe is us.

Classy, guys. Real nice.

We’re pretty sure that the service will be the same and with a smile. And maybe a misspelled name, but that’s a low-key Starbucks tradition.

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