Calling all karaoke queens: here's your chance to sing karaoke in the heart of Times Square!

Personally, we try to avoid Times Square at all costs, but this sounds worth venturing into the tourist swamp.

We were pumped about the kick-off to 2017's Midnight Moment program last month, in which a different artist’s video takes over all the screens around the Crossroads of World every day for a month at midnight.

February's edition presents artist Alex Da Corte’s Blue Moon: a video of a man crooning the haunting Rodger's & Hart song of the same name, while the lyrics appear karaoke-style along the bottom of the screen.

Following a live kick-off event in Duffy Square last night, the video will play every night for the month of February, from 11:57pm to 12:00am, inviting viewers to sing-along.

The Midnight Moment program is the world’s largest, longest-running digital art exhibition, going strong since 2012, with an estimated annual viewership of 2.5 million.

According to the folks at Times Square Arts, the piece, "features pop-art colors to brighten the winter sky, and a wry perspective on the dreams in our hearts and our prospects for finding a love of our own."


So grab your friends, get some liquid courage at a nearby bar, then head to Times Square right before midnight for some free karaoke!


Cash me ousside singing karaoke, howbowdah?!

[Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY] [via TimeOut NY]