Wait, you mean you DON'T have plans to visit Times Square in the dead of winter?

Time to change that! Okay, so if you happen to drunkenly wander over to 42nd Street this January, you'll get to see a pretty cool art project, that actually isn't sponsored by Disney.

Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist will be screening her project, Open My Glade (Flatten), on the 62 digital billboards around the Square.

If Rist's name sounds familiar, you may have spotted her mid-career retrospective at the New Museum, where her video is playing at street level so passerbys can see it. 

She's also responsible for the hanging lights that are in every single person you know's profile picture on Facebook. As reported by Time Out NY, Rist is known for "provocative, immersive installations."

Rist's Times Square project depicts a woman's face pressed up against the screen, as if she were trapped inside. 

Creepy? Yes, but also sounds pretty cool.

This will be the latest feature of the Times Square Alliance's "Midnight Moment" series, where an artist is invited to share a video from 11:59 until 12:00 a.m. every day for a month.


Rist was originally commissioned by the Public Art Fund in 2000, and screened on the One Times Square building for a month that year, so this will actually be her return to Times Square.


So, how about it. Is it a good enough reason to brave the gangs of knock-off Hello Kitty's or nah?

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]