Dreading the impending L train shutdown? Have no fear. Your friend booze is here... on the ferry ride home, we mean. 

After much debate, city officials decided on adding a dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as an installment of the citywide ferry system coming to the 5 boroughs this summer. Hornblower Cruises, the company contracted for the project, will hire about 200 employees to work on the job.

The best part? 

There will be food and drinks available for sale onboard. So leave those flasks at home my fellow alcoholic– er, adult beverage enthusiasts!

As reported by The NY Post, the fare will be on par with the current single ride price of $2.75. But note that you won't be able to transfer between the subway and ferry for free, yet. 

And if you're one of those people that likes to facetime their ex-girlfriend when you've had one too many vodka sodas (we don't judge), you can do so on the ferry with that sweet, sweet free wifi hookup. 

Although we are still crossing our fingers for the super cool East River Skyway idea, a boozy boat ride might do just fine. 


Maybe you'll find that ferry rides are really not that bad, and you'll finally take that trip to Staten Island you've been meaning to take. 



On second thought, it's called the forgotten borough for a reason...#JKWeLoveYouStatenIsland.

[Feature Image Courtesy AMNY] [via Gothamist]