Could This East River Skyway Seriously Become the Solution to the Impending L Train Shutdown? | spoiled NYC

Back in September, we told you about an environmentally friendly plan that would transport people from Williamsburg to the East Village in five minutes, but the proposal stalled.

However, due to the looming L train shutdown, which would leave about 300,000 passengers without a viable, efficient method of transportation, the plans for the East River Skyway are attracting more and more support. 

The East River Skyway would connect Williamsburg to Lower Manhattan by a cable car, which would transport 40 people a cable car, with cars arriving every 30 seconds. 

Daniel Levy, the man spearheading the idea, states that the system is entirely realistic, affordable, and the viable solution for the halt in L train service. 


Levy believes that the Skyway could take about 200,000 people from Williamsburg to Lower Manhattan each day, with a monthly unlimited pass only costing about $25. 

He states that due to the L train construction, the plan is garnering support from investors, who could foot the majority of the $135 million cost of the project. 

If L train shuts down completely to fix the Canarsie Tube, the construction could take 18 months, where as a shutdown of one tunnel at a time could take up to three years, according to DNAinfo.

Apart from transporting commuters, the cable car system could offer incredible views of the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines, creating additional interest (and revenue) from tourists. 

Regardless of the L train shutdown, we think that this is an incredible realistic option to alleviate congestion on existing mass transit options. 

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