We don't care who's yard it's coming from, you say milkshakes, we're coming over. 

And all through 2016 we've had no shortage of a certain colorful trend: rainbows. It was only a matter of time before rainbows and milkshakes made another whimsical union.

New Territories, a new ice cream shop in Manhattan, is serving up "Unicorn Parade Milkshakes".

Sparkles and sunshine dazzle up this mason jar miracle to prove that unicorns are still here and as milkshakes for 2017.

Why? Well we have to deal other other things from 2016 *cough* Trump *cough*, but the real answer?

Because unicorns are mysterious and rare and we should cherish their memorandums. And def buy these milkshakes at New Territories (190th Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton). 

According to Gothamist, the restaurant itself is narrow, but with stools and narrow counters to showcase the "dine in only" aesthetic. But let's be honest, it's probably a good thing that we don't sit down. 


Hours of operation will be 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, also a good thing, so we can (try to) stick to our resolutions.

No one's broken their resolution right? It's not even February yet.

Plus, the upside is that as of now, this is the only type of milkshake you can purchase at the establishment. 


P.S. Yes we know that Kelis reference is old, but we don't mind.

We're not sorry.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Elite Daily]