In our opinion, rainbow food trends are akin to The Kardashians: we don't understand why there are so many of them, but we're weirdly intrigued. 

At this point, we've seen rainbow bagels and rainbow donuts. Those were cool. Those were fine. Slightly unsettling, but pretty nonetheless and we're really in no position to turn away a pastry of any kind. 

However, the newest rainbow treat has us questioning everything we thought we knew about life. 

Thanks to a Hong Kong restaurant, the world can officially say hello to the rainbow grilled cheese. 

And we are conflicted. 

On the one hand, we love cheese. On the other, we feel a little weird consuming something that looks like what we imagine unicorn vomit would look like. 

Turns out, the rainbow cheeses are not only colorful, but they actually indicate different flavors of cheese (does this make it better or worse? Unsure.). 


The blue is lavender (why?), green is basil (fine), red is tomato (cool), and the bright yellow is a mix of four cheeses (could be ok?). 

If you're adventurous enough to try this colorful yet possibly traumatizing sandwich, you'll have to travel to Hong Kong to get your hands on it.


For now, at least. 

We certainly wouldn't be surprised if the rainbow grilled cheese began popping up in Brooklyn eateries.

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[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]