Too Thirsty on Thursday: 8 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Bars in NYC

Thursday, thursday, got to get down on Thursday. That's how the song goes, right?

Ever heard the idiom "thirsty Thursday?" Ever heard that it's better to party on Thursday night in New York City than Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?

Well, we don't know if Thursday night is the best night to party in NYC, but we definitely know it's a good one.

Some bars serve dollar beers, and some bars offer free bull rides. Some bars have bottomless pigs-in-the-blanket and other balls offer free cheese balls all night long.

Want to know which bars are offering the most exciting Thursday night deals in the land? Well, that's why we wrote this article, so read on to find out.

1. Sláinte (304 Bowery)

slaintenyc We love Thursdays! Why? Because we've got $1 fish tacos at #Slainte! 🙌🍴#fishtacos dollartacos #tacos #foodporn #tacothursday #foodie #nyceats #eeeeeats #nycbars

If you've ever been to Ireland, you know sláinte is the Irish version of "Cheers!" It means "good health!" It's a fabulous alternative to cheers.

So a bar named Sláinte has got to be fun, right? Especially considering their Thursday night specials. They've got $1 tacos with the purchase of a drink, and $25 beer buckets.


That's right: Dollar. Tacos. Does it get better than dollar tacos? We knew we loved living in NYC for a reason. 

They've also got $5 wine, select beers, and liquor from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., so that's pretty nice too.

2. Windfall (23 West 39th Street)

sgbernstein06 Happy National Root Beer Float Day! #Notyourfathersrootbeer #rootbeerfloat #newyork

Looking for a Midtown bar to hit after work with your coworkers that are also your friends?

Well, your options in Midtown are pretty limited, but there is this bar called Windfall that has a pretty decent Thursday night happy hour deal.

From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. they've got $4 Bud and Molson pints. You could definitely do worse than dropping $4 a beer, especially since we could name plenty of places that would charge you $14 for a beer.

They've also got $5 well drinks, and $7 wines. Plus, they've got free chips and salsa, so as far as Midtown bars go, it's one of the amazing ones.

3. Irish Exit (978 2nd Avenue)

irishexitnyc Danny The Dream behind the bar perfecting his craft. He'll be serving behind the bar tonight so come by for a pint or two.... Or 3 who's counting? @guinness #beer #guinness #irish #nyc

Uh, do you love pigs in a blanket? You know, those little mini hotdogs that represent everyone's desires and dreams?

Yeah, we know, everyone loves pigs in a blanket. Well, guess what? At Irish Exit on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., they've got a bottomless pigs in a blanket happy hour.


They've also got $5 drafts and $5 wines from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., which are fairly excellent prices if you ask us. 

If you're partying at Irish Exit on a Thursday, you should get there as soon as you possibly can, and start pounding wine and bottomless pigs in a blanket. You'll be glad you did.

4. Jake's Dilemma (430 Amsterdam Avenue)

jakesdilemmanyc FAT TUESDAY!!! Come to Jake's for 2 for 1 specials starting at 8pm!! #WhatsYourDilemma #UWS #NYC

Jake's Dilemma is one of the most fun bars in the city. That said, it's especially fun on Thursday night. 

From 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., the entire bar is half-priced. If that's not excellent enough news for you, we've got more.

From 8 p.m. until the bar closes, it's bucket night. Which means you can get a cold bucket of delicious domestic beers for $15. They come with five beers, which means you're really spending $3 a beer. Pretty nice, Jake's Dilemma.

They've also got $4 "J" shots on Thursday nights from 8 p.m. to close, which includes Jack, Jaeger, and Jameson. So, essentially, drinking at Jake's Dilemma on a Thursday night is a win.


5. Honky Tonk Tavern (1154 1st Avenue)

bklynzizi #margaritas #coconut #honkytonktavernnyc #cocktail #cocktails #happyhour #bklynzizi

Don't let Honky Tonk Tavern's name fool you. It isn't all fun and games at this Upper East Side joint on Thursdays.

From 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. they've got $4 PBRs, both tall boys and drafts. They've also got $5 frozen margaritas and $6 margaritas with fresh fruit.


They've also got $4 well drinks, and $4 Coors Light Drafts. That's not good enough for you? Well, if you arrive at Honky Tonk Tavern during happy hour, every drink in the bar is $1 off. Which is excellent news, if you ask us.

Plus, they jam to country music all night long, and if that's your genre of choice, you'll feel right at home in this party place.

6. The Levee (212 Berry Street - Brooklyn)

theleveebk Cool art by @crumbdumpster

Okay, so The Levee might not have any special Thursday night situation, except that it's a complete blast on Thursday nights and its prices are relaxed every night of the week, so we felt like it was worth mentioning.

If you haven't partied at The Levee yet, you really need to. Want to know why we think so?

First of all: free cheese balls. Yes, that's right. You can snack on free cheese balls all night long at this Williamsburg gem.

Second of all, they've got pool tables, darts, sofas, and a smoking hot crowd. Plus, there's an old school jukebox filled with rock and classic country music. So, yeah, if you drink at The Levee, there's no doubt in our minds you'll be jamming all night long.

7. The Gin Mill (422 Amsterdam Avenue)

theginmill Cheers to Friday!!!! #tgif #ginstagramnyc @megs83_nyc @theupperclassmen @iamalexiscat

Want to get extremely drunk on a Thursday evening? Want to get the most bang for your buck? 

If those are your goals, then drinking at The Gin Mill is 100% your move. On Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. the entire bar is half-priced, so get there as early as you can.

Don't worry if you get there later. It stays fun after 8 p.m. From 8 p.m. until close, pitchers of Bud, Bud Light, and Coors Light only cost $10.


Do you like fancier beer? No problem. Pitchers of Sam Adams, Blue Moon, and Redhook beer all cost $14. Plus, they've also got $4 shots of fireball. We know, incredible right?

If you're in college and you can produce a valid student ID, the whole bar is half-off for you. Congratulations, college students, you win again.

8. Johnny Utah's (25 West 51st street)

johnnyutahsnyc Bueller? Bueller? #happyhour #johnnyutahsnyc

Get drunk for less at Johnny Utah's on Thursday evenings.

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. they've got a pretty great happy hour, which means $3 cans of PBR and Rolling Rock, and $4 domestic drafts.

Want to know what else they've got? They've got $6 margaritas, both frozen and on the rocks, and $7 mixed drinks and glasses of wine.

Once 10 p.m. hits, that's when things start to get insane. From 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., they've got $1 draft beers and free bull riding. That's right: free bull riding. Check it out, why don't you?

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[Feature Image Courtesy JoonBug] 

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