B3 M1n3? 8 Adorable Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Every Type of Nerd

Calling all nerds! And we mean all nerds: Party nerds, Trivia nerds, Wizard nerds. We love you all. We speak for you all. 

And speaking of loving nerds, it's the month of love in NYC.

Want to impress the Leia to your Han, the Fry to your Leela, the Buffy to your Angel (Editor's Note: Um, I think you mean SPIKE)?

Try out one of our nerdy date ideas! Customized to whatever specific kind of nerdiness lights your lil' nerd fire.

Are you already sick of us using the word nerd? Sorry, we're not done yet.

1. Trivia Nerds


Can you answer questions faster than Siri can look them up? Do you begin most sentences with "Actually..." Would you absolutely CRUSH IT on Jeopardy?


Geeks Who Drink is a company that runs trivia nights throughout the city, custom-tailored for know-it-all self-professed trivia nerds like you.

Impress your date with your infinite knowledge and check out all of there locations on their website. We recommend Bar Thalia, every Tuesday at 8:30pm.

2. Gamer Nerds

Do you spend 80% of your free time gaming? Do you have a customized headset and gaming chair? Do you have Donkey Kong tattooed on your butt?

Grab your gaming partner-in-crime, and celebrate all things Nintendo at New York's Nintendo World!

Two floors dedicated to all things gaming, you can check out the latest from Nintendo, or reminisce the good 'ol days with classic memorabilia.

So all you Marios out there, your Princess Peach doesn't need saving, but she does need you to jump down the Warp Pipe to this Mushroom World paradise with her. Maybe you'll catch her heart in a PokeBall after all. Okay we're done, we swear.

3. Improv Nerds


Are you a sucker for Whose Line Is It Anyway? Do you wanna be the next cast member on SNL? Or are you just super into people who can make up an entire show on the spot, without a script?

Well this show is pretty self-explanatory. Improv Nerds happens every Monday night at UCB East, for all of you improv nerds out there. 9:30pm for $7.

Upright Citizens Brigade is New York's favorite spot to catch the city's top improvisers.

And hey, if you and your date are feeling brave, you can stick around for the Improv Nerds Jam after the show at 10:30, and get up on stage yourself fo' free!

4. Game Night Nerds


Are you always inviting people over to your apartment for game night? Do you have every possible expansion pack of Catan? Have you literally ended relationships over contentious Monopoly games?

Take your competitive sweetie to The Uncommons Cafe! Manhattan's only board game cafe!

We're not talking about another bar with a janky Jenga set, and a sad old box of scrabble with only half of the original letter tiles.

We're talking the largest library of games on the East Coast. WOAH. Grab your game-lovin' bae and a cup of coffee, and spend an entire day playing your way through the extensive collection. Or just play one round of Catan. Both will probably take the same amount of time.

5. Wizard Nerds


Did you spend the majority of your adult life depressed that you didn't get your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter? Have you been to Harry Potter World, like, 10 times? Do you have dress robes hanging up in your closet, and a display case for your collectable wands?

Accio, pasta!

There is a Harry Potter themed restaurant in Williamsburg. Yeah, you read that correctly. Take your date to a real life 'Three Broomsticks'.

Pasta Wiz has all of the magical ambiance and gluten-free options you need to brew the perfect love potion for winning over your ideal Witch/Wizard.

Also, don't forget about Wizard Fest, happening in March. 

6. Looking For Love Nerds


Don't fret, single nerds! We haven't forgotten about you!

Nerd Nite is a monthly get-together at the swanky Le Poisson Rogue, and features seminars on how the brain makes us horny and the history of James Bond gadgets, to special guests like magicians, weapon experts and cosplay gurus.

And for all you singletons out there, they now have hetero speed dating an hour before the show, for 30 lucky guys and gals to find their nerdy soulmate!

7. Party Nerds

Nerds need to blow off steam too.

If you and your bespectacled sweetheart are lookin' to get a little turnt on date night, we recommend Barcelona Bar.


In true Barcelona clubbing tradition, they have over 100 different shots, with more than enough nerdy themes to satisfy and impress.

Our favorites include a flaming Harry Potter shot, the Jedis shot (two shots: one for Luke one for Darth Vader), and Return of the King shot (wearing a crown to take the shot = required).

8. Goth Nerds


Is Hot Topic your favorite store? Have you seen Edward Scissorhands so many times you can recite it word for word? Is your idea of a romantic getaway a nighttime trip to a cemetery? Do you wish every day was Halloween?

Then we recommend you and your boo (get it?) head to Beetle House!

A Tim Burton themed restaurant/bar in the East Village that embraces all things dark and spooky. 

On their list of poisons, potions & elixirs you can try Edward's lemonade or Alice's cup 'o tea... if you dare.

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