Because This City Runs on Caffeine: 8 Best Spots for an Amazing Cup of Coffee in NYC

New Yorkers need their coffee fix. It's a fact of both life and nature. Much like how trees need sunlight, and cars need gasoline, we New Yorkers need a refreshing jolt of caffeine to get our days started.

The city is littered with Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, and while they're fine in a pinch, they don't hold a candle to the other, arguably more fantastic, coffee shops this city has to offer.

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These coffee shops we speak of have splendid personality, top-notch Wi-Fi, and the perfect caffeine buzz we need. Some of these coffee shops even offer coffee memberships powered by DISCO.

DISCO's all about helping you reap the rewards for your loyalty. By partnering up with salons, barber shops, coffee shops, and bars, DISCO enhances your daily routine by helping you get the most out of things you do every single day.

So whether it's a morning cup of coffee, a haircut, or just a drink before you head home for the evening, the DISCO app is helping you get the VIP perks of your everyday habits.

That said, read on to find out where the best spots to grab your morning latte, cappuccino, mocha, or, we don't know, whatever coffee you drink.

1. Frog's Crown Cafe (204 Spring Street)


This friendly, cozy SoHo gem is near to our hearts. Maybe it's the inspirational quotes lining the wall, the free WiFi, or the jolts-us-back-to-life, perfectly-brewed coffee.

Really, the coffee they sell is a masterpiece. Whether it's iced or hot, at Frog's Crown, they'll brew it perfectly every time.

Also, they have these really special iced coconut lattes. It's a truly original, amazing drink, and you won't find one like it anywhere else.

They also serve some really delicious empanadas, so you should try those, too. Also, Frog's Crown is powered by DISCO, so you can buy your way into unlimited coffee. You might not be a celebrity VIP like Jessica Alba (who's shown her face a few times), but with DISCO you're just as important.

2. Kobrick Coffee Co. (24 9th Street)


Okay, we're going to talk about the coffee at Kobrick Coffee, we promise, but first we need to discuss the avocado toast. We think it's hands-down one of the absolute best breakfast options in the entire city. Seriously.

But their coffee... At Kobrick Coffee they sell signature coffee cocktails, and they're amazing. They serve these coffee cocktails in a 1920s speakeasy vibe atmosphere, and it's all-in-all a lovely experience.

They've got a full menu, pastries and sweets, and really, really on point coffee. We seriously dig this place, and would love to drink it every day before work. 

What would make drinking it every day before work easier?

Oh yeah, signing up for coffee with Kobrick Coffee on DISCO. Why? Because you can buy your way into unlimited coffee by buying a Kobrick Klub Membership. 

Check out the DISCO app to see how you can save money while getting more for some of the best coffee in town.

3. Rustico (135 First Avenue)


This East Village Cafe has mouthwateringly delicious crepes, actually delicious gluten-free waffles, and all of the charm you'd expect from a delightful East Village joint. But you're not always here for waffles and brunch foods. You're here for coffee. Because you're a coffee-holic.

If you're on the run for your morning cup of coffee, Rustico is perfect for that, too. Even more so if you have a DISCO membership. With the Coffee-Holic Club Membership, you get 9 coffees at any size for the price of 8 medium.

4. The Uncommons (230 Thompson Street)


The Uncommons is more than just a coffee shop. It's a board game cafe. If you're out and about in NYC and you want to spend some time defeating your friends in board games, The Uncommons is a must-visit.

They've got Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Rhino Hero, Pictomania, and so, so many more. Really, they've truly got an incredible range and variety of games.

It's cozy, they've got good pizza, and some really, really great coffee. Once you get all amped up on your coffee buzz, they've also got wine and beer.

However, stopping in for a nice, strong brew on the way to work is definitely the move, and playing board games if you have time is an even more prime move.

With a DISCO membership you can satisfy all of your coffee cravings by getting a free cup by buying 10, a free game covered when you buy 10, and even three free cups of coffee at any size when you buy 20 medium coffees.

5. Bread and Spread (147 Front Street - Brooklyn)


Bread and Spread is absolutely ridiculous.

They've got some of the best sandwiches you'll find anywhere. Their porchetta sandwich is incredible, and their chicken mozzarella is simply outrageous, and we haven't found someone who makes a seemingly simple roast turkey sandwich so amazing.

Oh, but they've got some of the best coffee around, too. It's rich, satisfying, and does more than just get the job done. But the perks you get with DISCO memberships make Bread and Spread even more amazing.

You can be a Chicken VIP and get 11 sandwiches for the price of 10, Pork and Turkey VIP and get 11 porchetta or roast turkey sandwiches for the price of 10, or just be the regular, run-of-the-mill Coffee VIP and get unlimited coffee at any size every time you visit.

6. Rex Coffee (251 West 23rd Street)


Rex Coffee has two locations; one in Chelsea and one in Hell's Kitchen. They are equally excellent, and both worthy of stopping at on the way to work, but it's only at the 23rd street location that you can get your fix with DISCO memberships.

Rex Coffee is seriously dedicated to coffee. They've got pour over and drip from Counter Culture beans, and they've got a blueberry muffin that'll make you topple over with delight. 

Really, it's fluffy, full of blueberries, and not too sweet.

They bake their pastries fresh daily, and if you order a croissant, they'll likely hand it to you still warm from the oven. Also, their breakfast sandwiches are a true accomplishment, and will keep you satiated far past lunch time.

Rex Coffee is absolutely perfect for a pre-work cup of coffee, and if you're in with their Coffee Lover Membership you can get 11 coffees for the price of 10. 

Then again, if you're more of an addict, you can get 23 coffees for the price of 20. Check out the DISCO app, and start saving money with your coffee fix.

7. Maglia Rosa (2 4th Place - Brooklyn)