Greetings Muggles!

If the Wizarding World is too far for you to go this year, don’t worry! As fellow fans of Harry Potter, we spotted a magical development in New York.

Pasta Wiz, a Harry Potter inspired restaurant, is open in Williamsburg for your muggle or wizard tastebuds.

According to the Gothamist, owner Alex Dimitrov has been trying to open a restaurant in this area for nearly six years, facing community opposition from neighbors who feared he was making a nightclub.

Well, now it’s officially a gluten free spaghetti joint. We bet they didn’t expecto that (sorry not sorry).

The Hogwarts-esque chandeliers, baby grand piano and candles aren't the only magical elements up Dimitrov's sleeve. The restaurant promises that dishes will arrive from the kitchen between three to five minutes after ordering.

Similar to many fast-casual restaurants, you can order off a tablet and pick up your meal at the counter. The restaurant employs a mix-and-match method for DIY pastas, in addition to combinations they've tested and approved.


There are classics including "Magic Meatballs" ($12.95) over organic spaghetti and meat/dairy-free options like the "Vegan Mediterranean" ($13.95).

If Pasta Wiz takes off, Dimitrov plans to replicate his wizarding world elsewhere in NYC on a smaller scale.


And yes, we checked. There’s no butterbeer there either. Sorry again. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]