7 Cutesy Date Ideas for August in NYC

If you read our last round up of July date ideas, then I hope at least ONE worked for you! 

And if you didn't try any of them, or you're really bad at dating, no sweat. 

I know relationships are hard, and sometimes dating is scarier than a first date to see The Conjuring with a weird-ass dude named Dan. *shudders* 

But that's okay, because if you're living in this massive city with the rest of us, then chances are there's someone out there who is just as awkward and horrible at dating as you are! WOOO! 

In any event, whether you have a partner, or want a partner, or want to just date yourself, here's a riveting list of places you can visit/ things you can do.  

1. Cook together


Homemade anything is usually outstanding for the mere fact that it was made with intention and purpose in mind by the person eating it! One way to bond on a date, whether it's the first or fifth, is to cook something together. 


I've done this a few times and it's an easy way to bond over something we all do; EAT. Try something simple to start, like rice bowls or tuna bowls as shown here. You don't have to spend much, and you can drink anything you want, at a fraction of the cost. 

2. Makeshift bar hopping/ food scavenger hunt

This is an idea that's best reserved for a whole day, or a few hours at least. Instead of following a set "playlist" of places to go with pre-planned bar crawls like the Totally 90s one we told you about,  make up your own!

You and your date most likely have some cool ideas of food you've always wanted to try too, considering you and your date are cool. No assumptions here. But if I'm right and you're both interesting, why not take some of those things you're interested in and doing them together? Hell, how about you guys go try gelato sushi?! I think you should. So go. 

3. (B)arcade


Listen, I really love OG arcade games, okay? ESPECIALLY skee-ball. So you KNOW I'm unreal thrilled to have found out about this bar in Williamsburg that's ALL about skee-ball. I'm hyperventilating. Everything's fine though.

Anyway, Full Circle Bar is a skee-ball house at 318 Grand Street in Brooklyn, and it looks to be everything I've ever wanted from a bar. I clearly haven't been yet, but that's okay. I'll probably go on a date, and I really hope you go too. But like, not us together. I don't know you. Ya feel? Cool. 

4. Food festival


If you and your date have some super sweet teeth, then you might want to check out the NYC Dessert Fest coming up on August 19th and 20th. We told you about it here, but let me just reiterate that you can enjoy all the sweets in the world, and no one should make you feel bad for having a candy apple AND an ice cream sandwich in one day. Healthy relationships start in the beginning, people! 

So if you're cool with dessert, this place will have a sh*t ton of sweets to choose from. Come one, come all, and leave full of happiness. Because if you're not happy with someone, why are you together? Oooooh so deep. But I'm right, so whatever (And that rhymes. BOOM).

5. Music festival


Festivals all around! They're not only great ways to get outside, but they're typically easier to handle on a first date because you don't have to worry about awkward silence in conversation breaks. Brilliant, I know. 

There are SO many festivals, large and small, happening nearly every weekend it seems. But there's one happening this weekend in Brooklyn, so if you're around and can turn this into a date, head out to the Brooklyn Music Festival! The event is essentially FREE, but you can make a $12 donation to reserve your ticket early if you so choose. Check it out if you want a super fun, last minute day-date. 

6. Peruse through museums


What do you do if your first date with a potential partner is coming up and it's forecasted to rain?! No, do not cancel. Don't do that. Instead, plan a museum date, DUH! With some of the best museums in the world right here in our very own NYC, the pressure's off buddy. You're welcome. 


The MET, The Museum of Natural History, and the stunning Guggenheim are just 3 iconic options out of MANY. So if those aren't in your proximity, try others! You are so wonderful and smart. I believe in you. 

7. See a movie


"What a classic idea, thanks Alyssa!" You're so totally welcome, everyone. Catching a flick on a first date is great on multiple levels. You're in public, in case you have to run away from the lunatic who brought you to see a horror movie at midnight. 

It's also a conversation starter. And let's be honest, communication is HUGE in any healthy relationship. For instance, "I love scary movies but I hate feeling scared." And then you can have conversations trying to decipher that absolutely confusing statement! Again, you're so welcome. 

You deserve love and don't worry about how long it takes you to feel amazing with another person. Again, dating isn't always easy. But I promise you're worthy of love, so get on out there and slay the scene, you cute li'l thang, you. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Harlot] 

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