We honestly can't remember when ice cream was normal in NYC, either served soft or hard in a cone or cup. 

But because this is in fact the greatest city in the world, pumping with innovation and fresh ideas daily, there's yet another ice cream trend that's hitting the NYC dessert scene. 

Gelato sushi is the new wave, and we are just as confused as you are. 

It's not creamy raw fish though, so you can breathe and continue reading about this new dessert hitting the East Village at Gelarto

Rather, this delectable treat is gelato transformed to look like sashimi pieces or sushi rolls. Interesting to say the least, especially coming from an Italian source. 

But fear not, NYC, Gelarto's new take on gelato sushi is delicious and true to their gelato mastery, just shaped differently and combining flavors you might not expect. 

One gelato sushi item even features a "freshly caught Swedish fish" atop a creamy oblong tear-shaped gelato piece, drizzled with a sweet sauce to finish it off. 


So if the idea of delicious gelato in a new and intriguing form raises your eyebrows, check out Gelarto at 145 Avenue A in the East Village. 

You're bound to enjoy their gelato even if it's in the regular, boring, scooped form. 

Tag us in your pics when you go, and have a sweet time! 

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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