Check Out These Insane People Jumping Headfirst into Snow... Wearing Barely Anything! #SnowChallenge

Uh, we don't know what's wrong with some people, but we're pretty sure the category of people who dove headfirst into the snow on Saturday is an #OnlyInStormJonas situation.

We would have said #SnowChallenge2016 was an #OnlyInNYC situation, but this latest internet challenge flocked to Long Island, Maryland, and Washington DC, proving in a twist of fate that the craziest people on the East Coast aren't all concentrated in New York City.

The trend went so viral that more than 2,000 people took on the #SnowChallenge2016 and posted their brave defiance of snow's chill to Instagram. 

These warriors put on their bathing suits, they gathered their resolve, and they dove headfirst into the snow like it was a swimming pool on a hot day.

The snow challenge wasn't a swimming pool on a hot day. It was icy snow against bare skin, and we're guessing it had to hurt.

Why did they do it? Well, a pretty good reason is internet fame. Another pretty good reason is the thrill. We imagine the moment after conquering the snow challenge, running inside, and throwing a blanket over your shivering body has to be satisfying. 


Of course, we think the #SnowChallenge is amazing, and completely entertaining. Even former New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford got in on it. We'd like to thank all the #SnowChallege2016 champions for breaking the internet. We truly hope none of you caused yourselves bodily harm.

To the rest of you, feast your eyes on true internet excellence below. Thanks for always keeping it real, people of the internet.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]