Barney is a dinosaur, right? Okay, so, yeah, Barney's a dinosaur, but we highly doubt Barney could make it out in the wild. 

With all the other tough, fierce dinosaurs Barney would have to face if thrust into a combat situation, we doubt Barney would make it out alive so long as he's only armed with songs about caring and sharing. 

Luckily, New York City doesn't make us ponder that question. In NYC, the city where anything can and will happen, Barney and a fellow T-Rex faced off in Times Square. 

Well, their face-off began in Times Square, replete with the banging of chairs, and famous spectators in Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. 

The brawl wasn't contained in Times Square, though. Like any epic battle of supposed Apex Predators, theirs was a battle that raged throughout the city.

The battle took to cross walks, Chinatown, and even a bodega where customers seemed entirely unaware how to react. 

T-Rex and Barney were also thrown out of a shoe store, and subsequently continued the brawl on the 1 train.


Now, we're not sure if we should be worried about a dinosaur battle epidemic. This situation seems contained, and entirely entertaining. 

Oh, NYC. We could say a lot of things about you, but one thing we could never say about you is that you're boring. Especially since our fellow New Yorkers continuously pull stunts like this, people like Youtubers The Super Zeros

If you've wondered whether Barney or a regular, run-of-the-mill T-Rex would win in an all-out dinosaur brawl, using various urban arenas throughout NYC just to do so, watch the video below. You'll find out exactly how a fight like that would go. 

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