You know New York City is gorgeous, right? 

Okay, yeah, so it has its really unpleasant sides too, but then there are those days the sun is setting on the river and reflecting off the glass buildings, and you kind of have to catch your breath.

Well, when timelapse photographer Dimid Vazhnik visited NYC last year, he filmed NYC in one of the most stunning ways we've ever seen.

After making the video, Vazhnik wrote, "Perhaps this is the most photogenic city I have ever seen."

Well thanks, Vazhnik. We're blushing.

The timelapse is what does it. You can see the buildings, bridges, and streets standing firm, while around them all these ephemeral, transient human lives rush by.

You can see boats sprinting around the rivers, cars hurtling off screen, and traffic lights changing at rapid pace.

You can also see helicopters zigzagging in the sky like time isn't any big thing.

Ever wondered what NYC would look like if time were sped up? If humans, cars, boats, and planes were rushing dots, while the river current hurled itself back and forth, meanwhile the buildings are unmoving, permanent, seemingly eternal?


Well, that's what Dimid Vazhnik's video captures, and the tricks with time are almost nothing compared with the gorgeous shots he catches of the buildings, the bridges, the streets, and the sights.

"This cultural diversity, I still have not seen anywhere else ... To sum up, I would say that New York is one of the most interesting and richest places on earth, where you want to return again and again," Vazhnik wrote.

Vazhnik, you're welcome anytime. Especially if you make incredible videos like this every time you come.

Basically, if you needed to be reminded about how beautiful our city is, watch this video. You'll fall head over heels in love with the city in an instant.