There's Going to Be Some Seriously Amazing Food at the Meadows Music Festival This Year

If you haven't caught on by now, we are ridiculously obsessed with food in any form that it comes in. (i.e. weird milkshakes, Cheetos-based restaurants, etc.)

We're also super in love with the fact that a LOT of the best and most interesting food was born and lives here, in our wonderful NYC. 

So it only makes sense that we are PSYCHED for all the delicious food that's coming to The Meadows Music and Arts Festival in September. 

From Friday, September 15th to Sunday, the 17th, you can experience some outstanding music and artwork, as well as outrageously good food. Safe to say your mid-September plans are made.

Okay so about the food though. There will be not only vegetarian and gluten free options, but vegan as well. #LivingYourBestLife.


These food options will be a bit organized, because your life is already a bit messy as is, and separated into sections like The Infatuation Village and Feastival of Queens for your ideal tasting pleasures.

And please, don't forget about the 21+ section and VIP (21+ only) sections for your weekend's worth of equally delicious drinks! 

One of the many vendors we're excited for that will be part of The Infatuation Village is John's Juice, serving fresh fruit juices, some of which is exotic and absolutely mesmerizing. Oh, and the juice is served in the fruit itself. 

With refreshing treats and savory delights (like Mighty Quinn's BBQ for instance) you're sure to have one hell of a tasty weekend at The Meadows. If you're prepared to waste your afternoon looking at yummy food pics, check out the full list of vendors.

So NYC, if you're EXTRA ready for The Meadows like we are, get your tickets NOW (and don't forget the after parties!). Stay hungry! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Big Mozz] [via The Meadows NYC] 

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