Try saying this ten times fast: Shakespeare shakes at Shake Shack.

If you sound stupid, stop spitting out tongue twisters to yourself in public. You're frightening the children.

Which is why we're telling you about this super cool, pun-tastic new summer item on the Shake Shack menu. 

Yesterday, July 11th, the same day that the Public Theater debuted A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Upper West Side Shake Shack began serving "The Shake-speare" shake. 

The shake is a strawberry/rosé shake with whipped cream and "fairy dust" sprinkles. 

Oh, and ALL proceeds will go directly to the Public Theater and help them continue to fund their outstanding shows. 

Now, some of you guys might be surprised that Shake Shack is helping to fund the arts, but it actually makes total sense. 


Shake Shack was founded to support the arts, specifically helping to fund the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation, according to Gothamist


Pretty freakin' cool, if you ask us. 

So if you're into the arts and like supporting things that matter, then hit up the UWS Shake Shack today! 

[via Gothamist][Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]  

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