America's #1 Lady threw some major shade last night. Literally. The Statue of Liberty went dark for about two hours late Tuesday night.

The National Parks Service claims the outage was probably due to a new emergency generator and ongoing Hurricane Sandy recovery work.

But you can't deny the timing— The eve of today's 'A Day Without Women' strike on International Women's Day— Seems to us Lady Liberty took two hours off work in solidarity.

The timing of the power outage also seems symbolic of the continued efforts of the White House to impose discriminatory immigration policies.

Lady Liberty wasn't the only statue taking a stand for women yesterday— A bold new sculpture called 'Fearless Girl' popped up in the early hours Tuesday morning squaring off with Wall Street's iconic 'Charging Bull'. 


Today's Women's Strike on International Women's Day aims to bring awareness to the integral role women and non-gender conforming people play in socioeconomic society in spite of facing a stark disparity in wages and worker's rights.


Okay next step: Any knitters out there want to get together to make a giant pink p*ssyhat for Lady Liberty? 

[Feature Image Courtesy NY Media Boat] [via Time Out NY]