So we know you're coming with us on our booze cruise this Saturday... right?... right?!

And once that timely hangover hits on Sunday, you'll be pondering your hangover cure options. 

Sure, you can just hit up a diner or continue the party with brunch, but hold up. 

Bareburger is giving out free burgers this Sunday!

In celebration of National Burger Day, from 3 until 6 p.m., the chain will be offering two options gratis. 

You can get the Standard beef burger, which comes with Colby cheese, caramelized onions, dill pickles, and special sauce. 

And for our vegetarian friends out there, Bareburger is offering its Farmstead veggie burger, which consists of a sweet potato wild-rice patty, green hummus, tomatoes, baby kale, avocado basil dressing, in a collard green wrap.


Make sure you hit up one of the many locations scattered across the city.


We can't wait to satisfy those post-cruise drinking munchies! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Yelp] [via TimeOut NY]