Our Absolutely Insane Two-Hour Booze Cruise Is All You Need to Have an Epic Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Does anyone else feel some serious pressure on holiday weekends?

You know you should probably be using the extra day to catch up on sleep, but you also want your Instagram feed to look like a Taylor Swift 4th of July party and less like an Ed Sheeran This Is My Man Pain Pity Party (read: lame AF), and unfortunately, your bank account is not down to hang.

We're telling you right now, the best thing you could do is find a sick party with an open bar, party all Saturday night, and you'll still have two days recovery time.

Oh, look at that, lucky for y'all, we're throwing our sick Kickoff Summer '17 Booze Cruise, sponsored by those good folks over at FoodKick.

Oh, look at that, lucky for y'all, we're throwing our sick Kickoff Summer '17 Booze Cruise, sponsored by those good folks over at FoodKick. You might be asking yourself, "How sick can it seriously be?" Well, it's on a boat, so there's that. 

But you might have caught wind of our epic ragers of days past, but this year we decided we need a bigger boat. Like a much bigger boat. 

So we hooked up with Circle Line Cruises and rented out their newest vessel, Circle Line Bronx, which has three dope floors, an upgraded sound system, huge windows, and an absolutely massive outdoor deck to party on alongside five hundred plus fellow New Yorkers.  

Just so we're clear, there's gonna be three levels of open bars— vodka, Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella, Beck's, Blue Moon, Corona Beer, and red & white wine—and two live DJs (our very own Rodney Hazard and Nick Zallo) turnin' it up while we sail around Manhattan.

Let's be real though. You should really be ready to buy your tix with open vodka bar by now, but come on, think of those sweet views of Lady Liberty, too. 

What's that? Don't drink vodka, beer, or wine? Worry not, there will be a cash bar on hand for any other top-shelf booze imaginable. BOOM. 

If you're more excited about the open vodka bar though, fine, we can't actually blame you—but we'll be serving a signature cocktail on top of all that: FoodKick Blueberry Vodka Lemonade, which is exactly what it sounds like, and yes, it's gonna be delicious AF.

And because we're not about reliving the horrors of undergrad where we inexplicably drank with nothing in our bellies, our buds over at FoodKick our hooking us all up with a dope spread of small bites. 

We're talking Doughnut Plant's mini doughnuts, shrimp cocktail shooters, fruit skewers, Italian antipasto, crudite cups, and tortilla cocktail–tortilla chips and salsa in a mini martini glass, which will be both adorable and delicious at the same damn time.

We'll be setting sail from Pier 83 on Saturday, May 27th at 7 p.m.

Boarding starts at 6 p.m.—SO. DON'T. BE. LATE. We're not drivin' the boat, so it will leave without you. After cruisin' around the island for two hours, we're continuing the party dockside until 10 p.m.

Soooo, you’re coming, right? We literally don't see how you can't. 

Don’t forget your tickets here.

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