NYC's Best Under-The-Radar Spots for Summer-Prepping Bowls and Smoothies 🍌🥤🥗

Though the weather’s been so wonky, we can barely tell if it will be cold or warm day-by-day - summer is definitely coming!

We’re not saying getting that summer bod is the most important thing, but it doesn’t hurt to get in a bit better shape so you can lift yourself off the couch to partake in some of the more active summer activities.

Surfing, Rock Climbing, even Mini Golf—these all take some effort and a dose of the right foods and drinks in your body. That said, healthy can still be tasty.

And to get that freshly flavored deliciousness, you’ll probably want to hit up one of these amazing, but lesser known (and therefore, not as crowded) smoothie shops.

Juice Press


As a Juice Press connoisseur, I can say this place is phenomenal when it comes to smoothies. Their ingredients always taste fresh, they’ve got a ton of add-ins and their original flavors are pretty damn good. Our recommendation, The Harvey Wallbanger—it’s a coffee-meets-chocolate-banana shake, and it will seriously make your day while also helping you stick to a slightly healthier option.

Pure Green

With random pop-up events offering free smoothies, and everyday handcrafted smoothies, acai bowls, and nutrient-rich snacks, how could you not fall for a place like this? Even if you’re not a health nut, their insane variety of options are mouth-watering enough to have you craving one of their tasty concoctions anyway.

 Ono Bowls


This gem is hidden between the dozens of commercial stores in the NYU area of the city. You’d expect that to mean it’s littered with students, but it surprisingly never looks overcrowded. Just crowded enough for you to understand how good the food is, and how underrated it is too. Their specialty is in their bowls (offering options like acai, banana, and coconut), but don’t skimp on their smoothies or you’ll regret it.

 Fresh from Hell

Fresh from Hell, aside from its clever name, is also home to some clever concoctions. Everything is made from scratch - even their almond milk and coconut milk - and their drinks have names that are almost as fun to say as they are to drink. They’re also conveniently located right outside Times Square for all you Broadway aficionados.

Juicy Spot Cafe


Not only is this place the first to bring Thai-rolled ice cream to the US, but they also know how to up the healthy food ante. You may be tempted to go the ice cream route, and as a sweet-fiend, I can’t say I’d blame you, but as far as smoothies go, these are a pretty solid choice too.


We don’t have to tell you what big fans we are of Terri! And if you think their food is good, you should definitely give their smoothies a try. Trust us, you’ll be as glad as when you tried them the first time. Grab yourself a sandwich while you’re there.

Caravan of Dreams


Another vegan option, this place takes its vitamins very seriously. They let you know exactly why each smoothie is good for you and have out-of-the-box options, like Turmeric for benefits most other places may not necessarily have.

Broken Coconut


Broken Coconut is one of those new places that broke Instagram when it first opened. Known for its fresh coconut yogurt made from scratch, with a coconut base for a nice way to differentiate itself from other Frozen Yogurts, they also make some delectable Almond Power Shakes, among other beverage options.

So after reading about all these smoothies and bowls, who else is thirsty?

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