"The right to drink at the movies is an inalienable one," said Thomas Jefferson. Probably.

Earlier this year, Cuomo put forward a proposal to follow in TJ's footsteps, worded to "allow alcohol and beer to be sold in movie theaters," but the jury's still out on that.

Justice is unfulfilled, just like my beer.

In lieu of such a sweeping measure, the Upper West Side at least still had the Alamo Drafthouse. Sadly, that's since kicked the bucket, and the gene pool of drinking theaters looked pretty slim. 

But now, a bold new experiment has risen up!

We're witnessing the Arthouse at NYLO put on their Silent Cinema Series and it's awesome. There are plush couches and chairs, and servers doling out snacks and drinks, every Wednesday night at 2178 Broadway.

Don't worry, we're not subjecting you to any Charlie Chaplin– the films are silent because everyone in the audience gets a pair of headphones– kind of like the Quiet Clubbing events.


Gothamist recently went to check out their screening of Factory Girl, about Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick, played by Sienna Miller. 

The specialty cocktails paired with it sound especially dope: "Muse" is gin with orange and grapefruit juices, elderflower liqueur and cinnamon syrup in a Campbell's soup can, while "It Girl" comes in a Coke bottle with rum, lime juice, cola cordial, and cherry bitters.

It's all very extra and we're very into it.

More on the drinks— they're a good size for a film that's pretty short, and there's a restaurant and bar you can hit before the show too. The show starts at 8 PM, so come early and grab a drink and a bite!

Next on the list of shows is Girl With the Pearl Earring, based on Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's painting and starring Colin Firth. Further Wednesday showings will include Frida, The Monuments Men, and Exit Through the Gift Shop. 


So, whether you're deep into the art scene, want to be, or are mainly enticed by the groovy cocktails, the Arthouse at NYLO is the new best Wednesday night movie theater.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Gothamist]