Can we have a drinking game everytime Cuomo announces a change or budget plan?

No? Well at this rate we’d be plastered before we can hit the theaters….or maybe we can start there instead.

If Cuomo has his way, drinking at the movie theater will be a legal reality.

According to Gothamist, Cuomo revealed that his office is looking into allowing the sale of wine and beer in movie theaters across the state at his public address last Tuesday.

"We also had a proposal that would allow alcohol and beer to be sold in movie theaters," he mentioned in his remarks. "And it would be joined with an incentive program, to incentivize the movie theaters to sell New York wine and beer."

Cuomo, we kinda don’t know how to feel about you and your many, many, many plans that we like (and some we don’t, and some we need more than others).

This isn’t the first time Cuomo pushed the alcohol agenda. Last summer he tackled and removed the infamous Blue Laws that kept us from drinking before noon at established restaurants, which were in place since 1934.


In 2011, Nitehawk Cinema owner Matthew Viragh fought and won the ability to sell alcohol in movie theaters, but with the stipulation that "theaters must have table seating and a full restaurant menu selection."

Similarly, certain AMC theater establishments also serve liquor with the restriction of age requirements for the cinema suites and a full menu as well.

"It would require a law change to allow alcohol and beer to be sold in a movie theater and to incentivize New York products to be sold in that venue," Cuomo admitted.



The proposal is part of Cuomo's $152.3 billion budget, which is now in the hands of the "wary" state legislature—and hard alcohol isn't included.

Yet. We recommend that you guys keep your flasks just in case your drink needs a little extra. Also, we’re serious about that drinking game.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy]