Say it ain't so! 

First Chipotle, now Shake Shack?! The horror!

According to the New York Post, Shake Shack on the Upper East Side received the most complaints than any other restaurant in New York City this past year. 

The beloved NYC eatery received 11 complaints to 311 out of 3,220, consisting of ailments such as "abdominal cramps." 

A company spokesperson, Edwin Bragg, told The Post that Shake Shack has "long suspected that a former employee was behind a series of phony complaints following termination from the company." 

Though the restaurants at other locations sparked another five complaints, the East 86th and Lexington Avenue location received far more complaints than the rest of the city. 

While there were a number of complaints, not all complaints are actually investigated by the Health Department. 


"If the complaint is anonymous, there's no way for us to follow up," said Jeremy House, a spokesman for the Health Department. 

"So there has to be enough information in the complaint, as well as a cluster of reports in order to initiate a field investigation."

Since we have no concern for our personal wellbeing, and have continued to eat Chipotle in spite of their nationwide foodbourne illness scare (girls gotta have her chips and guac), we'll probably continue to hit up Shake Shack whenever and wherever possible. 

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[via The New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]