Two words: Outdoor. Movies. 

You got a little excited, didn't you? Of course you did. Because New Yorkers in the summer are all about being outside as much as we can. 

After being cooped up for months of brutal, miserable winter, we simply cannot wait until we can finally step out of our apartments without immediately being slapped in the face by Mother Nature (often literally). 

Lucky for us, there's not shortage of opportunities to enjoy the summer weather, our favorite of which is outdoor films. 

In addition to all the other venues that have announced their outdoor film lineup for this summer, Rooftop Cinema Club has just released their lineup of rooftop flicks.

That's right - rooftop. As if outdoor movies couldn't get any better.

Starting June 8th, Rooftop Cinema Club will be presenting four movies a week at East Williamsburg's OfficeOps (57 Thames Street). Each screening will be $19, and it's BYOB, so fill up a thermos with your favorite liquor like the classy motherf*cker that you are. 

And while the price may be a little steeper than your average AMC ticket, it's definitely worth it for the experience (that sunset tho). 

The lineup is also on POINT. Read on to find out what you can catch this summer courtesy of Rooftop Cinema Club.


June 6th - Do The Right Thing

June 8th - Labyrinth

June 9th - Purple Rain

June 13th - Coming to America

June 14th - Spice World

June 15th - Blade Runner


June 16th - Star Wars: The Force Awakens


June 20th - Rear Window


June 21st - American Psycho

June 22nd - Requiem for a Dream


June 23rd -Taxi Driver

June 27th - Amelie

June 28th - Dirty Dancing

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[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]