Radiohead, ever the wily band, continues to toy with their fan base most likely in advance of releasing their supposedly imminent ninth album. 

Fans began to speculate back in January when the band created companies Dawn Chorus LLP and Dawnnchoruss Ltd., similarly to how they had done just before surprise releasing In Rainbows and The King of Limbs

But Reddit users noticed yesterday that the opacity on the band's website was slowly decreasing. 

The site is currently down. Radiohead's tweets and Facebook posts are gone, and their profile pictures are just white too.

This latest digital development comes just after Radiohead fans received mysterious "Burn the Witch" leaflets in the mail on April 30th, traditionally Witches' Night in Germanic folklore. 

May 1st, or International Dawn Chorus Day, is a day when people are encouraged to listen to bird song, and bears a rather striking resemblance to the companies founded in January and February. 

When you put all these clues together, conspiracy theorists and avid Radiohead fans want to deduce that it means a release is imminent-- hopefully tonight. 

In the meantime, listen back on their rejected 007: Spectre opening credits theme. 


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[via Fact Mag] 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]