Empire Steak House Serving Top Tier Filet Mignon & More in NYC

Nestled in the bustling heart of New York City, Empire Steak House East stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, inviting both locals and tourists to embark on a journey of gastronomic delight. Located at 151 E. 50th St, this premier dining destination has etched its name into the dining world as one of the city's finest eateries for over a decade. With its iconic red awning and opulent interior, Empire Steak House East exudes an aura of sophistication and luxury that promises an unforgettable dining experience for business or pleasure. 

From the moment you step through its doors, you are enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. The grandeur of the space is immediately apparent, with a magnificent chandelier taking center stage in the back dining room. It's a space that exudes a timeless charm, harking back to its origins as an opera house stage area in the 1920s. The glamorous architecture serves as a fitting backdrop to the culinary delights that await within.


My recent visit to Empire Steak House East was nothing short of extraordinary. Opting for their Quick Lunch Menu, I was pleasantly surprised by the array of delectable options offered at a remarkably reasonable price point. I imagine this setting is fit for a date, a celebratory meal, a luxurious meal between colleagues, or simply as a treat when you desire a glamorous dining experience. After perusing the menu, I settled on the Filet Mignon, a classic choice that never fails to impress. I ordered The French Phantom Manhattan, a cocktail that sets the citywide bar. One of their Classic Cocktails, The French Phantom Manhattan features Branson Phantom Cognac, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Liqueur, Angostura Bitters, with a Maraschino Cherry. As a person who doesn’t enjoy the taste of alcohol, I found this drink to be a fresh breath of air with a light, palatable flavor that highlighted the berry and citrus components.


The meal began with a crisp and refreshing Mixed Salad, setting the stage for the culinary journey ahead. It featured crisp mixed greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Parmesan Cheese, Dry Blueberries, and a Homemade Vinaigrette Dressing. The pacing of the meal was awesome, as the servers allowed me to enjoy and savor the combination of flavors from the sweet blueberries to the tart vinaigrette. As my main course arrived, I was greeted by a tantalizing sight—the Filet Mignon, perfectly cooked to medium-well perfection. The steak boasted a wickedly delicious crust that gave way to a tender and succulent medium-well interior, just as I had requested. Accompanied by fragrant garlicky broccoli and a fluffy, savory mash, each bite was decadent. 

As the meal drew to a close, I opted for a soothing cup of tea to round off the dining experience. With each sip, I reflected on the impeccable quality of both the cuisine and service that Empire Steak House continues to deliver. For those eager to have a memorable meal at Empire Steak House East (151 E. 50th St.), Empire Steak House Midtown West (237 W 54th St.), or their newest location in Times Square (237 W 54th St.), you can see availability and their menus by visiting, https://www.empiresteakhousenyc.com

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