What comes to mind when we say Harry Potter? Wands, Sorting hats, a mystical scar, perhaps?

How about pasta? 

Linguine? Gnocchi? Fettuccine Alfredo?  You'd think that combining the two would be nothing short of a magical journey of epic and delightfully cheesy proportions. 

Hmm. We're not so sure about the magic, but Pasta Wiz Express, a so-called cross between Harry Potter and organic pasta, is opening a second location in Greenwich Village next month. 

Maybe the wizardry's in the timing, the restaurant promises that dishes will arrive with the flip of a wand (approximately three to five minutes) and the menu includes classics like "Magic Meatballs" and healthy vegetarian options (although we know for sure most of our Gryffindor Gang weren't vegetarians but what can you do). 


The first of the two restaurants opened on the 20-year celebration of the first Harry Potter book's release. That's pretty chill. But where are the shot glasses shaped like potion jars? Will the check appear on a crumpled up parchment paper once we utter "I solemnly swear I am up to no good?" Is the door to the bathroom marked Platform 9 3/4?

Sadly, no. 


There are plenty of attractions in NYC that cater to our inner Potter-obsessed hearts, but we're feeling a little slighted by not being able to go all-out Potter party at Pasta Wiz. The restaurant also includes more Gothic-style decor, making you feel like you've at least time traveled out of 2017.

Our explanation for this half-baked (pun intended) eatery? Copyright infringement. J.K.'s pretty much got that on lock and we can come to terms with it. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy LuxuryTrump]