Yeah, so guys remember when we had the cookie dough cafe open up a few days ago and we uh, kinda lost our shit?

Haha, good times. 

So, what do you guys feel about a pop-tart cafe? Because that's happening too in New York City.

And we're still reeling about the news. The only downside? It's only going to be open for a few days.

Which sucks, but hey it's a literal pop-up pop-tart store! #sorrynotsorry 

According to TimeOut NY, the cafe will be opening on Tuesday, February 21st. Then it will run until the following Sunday, February 26th. So, yeah, no time for lallygagging.

Pop-Tarts will be taking over the Kellogg's cereal cafe space in Times Square, but they won't just be serving pop-tarts. Along with our fan favorites for breakfast (or anytime really), a full menu will also be provided.


That menu will include personal Pop-Tarts pizzas, some rad chili Pop-Tarts fries and Pop-Tarts burritos. 

Diner staples such as shakes and sundaes will also be included, so we're stoked.

poptartsus there, or be square! Well rectangle, actually.

Just go.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy SeriousEats]