Cookie dough is awesome. Despite the health concerns, the treat is an American staple other than freshly baked cookies. Usually when you are waiting for the cookies to bake. It’s ok, we don’t judge you.

But coming soon, you won’t have to worry about salmonella risks and shame.

Kristen Tomlan will be opening her ready-to-eat cookie dough brand DŌ in her first brick-and-mortar location, at 550 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village next week.

Can you say psyched?

We’ve been huge fans of cookies since well, forever.

Is it coming at the right time? Fuck yeah it is just what we need for the weekend we had.

According to TimeOut NY, the 15-seat shop will offer more than a dozen cookie-dough flavors (classic chocolate chip, brownie batter, Fluffernutter) as straight-up scoops in cups and cones.


They will also serve ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and build-your-own sundaes made using Blue Marble ice creams.

The outpost—which is cute as hell by the way—also sells brownies, fudge, stuffed cookies and ice-cream pies, in case your sugar rush needs a double dose.



So much for those New Years resolutions, huh?

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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