Sick of Pokemon Go yet? Of course you're not! 

The game was an instant hit when it came out a little over a week from today and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere anytime soon. So far, we've seen people walking into ponds, restaurants getting more business and even robberies.

So, what has the famed app done now? Well, it's causing pandemonium in New York City, especially in its most famous park.

Central Park is seeings bursts of trainers mobbing the park to catch rare Pokemon, and it's lookin' more like a stampede then a hunt.

A few nights ago, Vaporeon was spotted in Central Park. What proceeded was swarms of people exiting their vehicles and charging to find the Pokemon. 

If you play, or still remember a bit from Pokemon, you may remember that Vaporeon is an Eevee evolution. Unlike the normal video games, the item required to evolve it is not available, so each time you evolve Eevee you have a 1/3 chance of getting the evolution you want.

This could lead to some crazy frustration when you evolve your third Eevee and get another Flareon. 

But, rumor has it, if you name your Eevee after the three brothers from the original Pokemon show who loved Eevee you can control the evolution. Need a refresher? 

If you name your Eevee after Sparky, the brother who loved Jolteon, you will get a Jolteon. Pyro loved his Flareon, and for everyone who charged Central Park the other night, Rainer had a Vaporeon. 

Now, you don't need to abandon your car at night to get the Eevee evolution you need.

Last night, right outside Central Park, a Gyarados appeared and caused another frenzy. This guy is super dooper rare and takes forever to normally evolve so this chaos was expected. 

Many players are reporting the world famous park is packed with great Pokemon so we can only expect more of these Pokemon trainers bursting into the park late at night.

So, is Pokemon going to fade anytime soon? Well, it doesn't look likely.

Pokemon Go has already surpassed Twitter in daily users, and while people spend up to 22 minutes everyday on the Facebook app, Pokemon trainers are spending 33 minutes everyday.

But, it should be noted in terms of mobile games, Pokemon Go still has a lot of catching up to do. 

While Pokemon Go users spend up to half an hour on the game everyday, Candy Crush Saga crushes that with 43 minutes, and Game of War obliterates both with people spending an average of two hours a day on the game. 


And to think people are complaining about a game that makes you walk around and interact with your environment.

We may see Pokemon Go slow down a bit, but we may still see many rushing to an area to catch a Pokemon. The game is already a cultural phenomenon, and that alone is worthy of praise.

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[via TechCrunch] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]