Do you crave the New York City of yesteryear? Do you spend your time starting at NYCs buildings, wishing you could see the graffiti hidden under years' layers of paint?

Well, for all the NYC Nostalgia you can handle and more, check out NYC Nostalgia, a Tumblr that comes in hot with old school pictures of NYC every single month.

Do you miss the Twin Towers? The colorful paintings adorning subway cars? All the old school buildings that rocked out on NYC's corners before the takeover of conglomerations?

NYC Nostalgia is all that. It's a splash of the past onto your computer screens whenever you visit.

You can see how the streets exploded with color in the 70s, how people slathered paintings about peace onto the walls of buildings in the 60s, and how weird old taxi cabs used to look.

The point is, NYC was pretty baller in the 60s, 70s, and 80s... Actually, we don't really know. That's mostly conjecture on our part, because we weren't alive for the 70s or 60s, but we've heard those times were great.

Also, we can tell how amazing things were by looking at these stunning pictures, glazed over with nostalgia.


Old buses, old outfits, and old sunsets behind an old skyline, when the Empire State Building and Chrysler Buildings still towered over all their architectural neighbors.

Our point: check out this Tumblr, and you'll be bathed in the wondrous bliss of the past. Sure, there were worries back then, but nostalgia is a liar. Pictures don't contain worries.

Also, one cultural point is that the 60s were all about protesting for freedom and peace, and the 70s were when people got to luxuriate in the freedom that resulted from all that protesting. So, the 70s were awesome, and NYC Nostalgia has the pictures to prove it.

Enjoy a preview of those pictures below, and check out the glorious, full compilation of these old-ass pictures here.

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[via NYC Nostalgia/tumblr] [Feature Image Courtesy NYC Nostalgia/tumblr]