It all started with a note. Several hundreds of them, actually.

Havas Worldwide and Horizon Media have been at war recently. No, not like two corporations backstabbing each other, or armies with dragons fighting for a throne.

It was a simpler war, one that has caused a... sticky situation for both.

The cross-street rivals had their fun for a couple of days but it seems that both have to end their sticky note works of art thanks in part of building management.

Havas Worldwide wanted one last hoorah, so they stuck it to Horizon. Hard.

Havas Worldwide ended it went out notes blazing and probably blew their office supplies budget on this amazing final post-it creation.

They literally dropped the mic on Horizon Media.

Bravo, Havas Worldwide. Bravo to Horizon Media as well. It was fun while it lasted. Now, go remind yourselves to never forget this achievement with... well, a post-it note.

Check out all of the best shots of their post-it war. 






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[via The New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]