My Truest Love, on Nearly Every Corner of NYC: An Ode to the Incomparable Dollar Pizza Slice

Oh, dollar pizza. 

I’ll never forget the first time we met! I’ll admit I was hesitant at first… how can pizza that’s $1.00 be any good? There’s pizza that’s $2.00 just across the street! 

But my friends knew better, they’d lived in New York for longer. And they were much more shit-faced. 

I had that first bite of you and I knew right then and there that this friendship could go the distance.

Remember when I moved into my first apartment? 

I was so broke and scared and hungry, but you—you were there. 

Remember when I broke up with that guy… what was it Brian, Ryan, Kryan? Yeah, Kryan. Kryan and I were at that bar on the LES and we got into that huge fight because he’s “not a relationship guy” (…….). 

I got SO tanked and I had to get out of there. 


I was planning to drown my sorrows in more shots, but then, I saw you there, alone, glorious and solitary on 1st Avenue. 

You soothed my soul and my stomach that night. I needed those carbs, boo. 

You always know what I need.

You’ve seen me at my highest highs and my lowest lows, and yet…

You love me, even still. 

And I love you, dollar slice. 

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Even when you’re not that great. 

Seriously, sometimes you’re just okay. Some places only have veggie, and frankly, I don’t want a slice with broccoli on it—get that shit outta here! 

And sometimes you hang out at those weird dingy joints with faded headshots of Jerry Orbach on the wall? I hope I’m not the first one to break this to you, but Jerry Orbach isn’t auditioning any more…

thebedprincess 1. First stop on the Broad City tour: 2 Bros Pizza

Also, you are too greasy for those skinny ass plates! You need to get you a plate with some substance! 

Seriously, you can do better. We’ve been over this! I have the grease burns to prove it.

You’re gonna do you though, dollar slice. You always do. I think that’s what I love about you. There’s no one quite like you. You just GET it, you know? Which is why I can’t stand to see some mouth-breather cut you into pieces with shitty plastic utensils! 

Sorry, I just get protective. You know this. 

dollarpizzaslicenyc Date: 5/14/2016 Time: 2:04 PM Location: West Haven Tattoo, 746 Campell Ave., West Haven, Connecticut Cheese: 5 Sauce: 5 Crust: 5 Thank you to @jasonsoldout for the original concept design and @professor_greg at @westhaventattoo for the retooling and ink work. @pizzatattoos #LiveFastEatPizza #westhaventattoo #tattoo #pizzatattoo @dollarpizzaslicenyc #dollarpizzaslicenyc #pizzabilitiesareeendless #livefasteatpizza #pizza #instapizza #pizzagram #nycdollarslice #nycpizza #dollarpizza #pizzaslice #pizzaparty #pizzalove #pizzaporn #pizzapics #pizzaislife #dollarslice #dollarslices #dollarslicepizza #nycpizzagram #newyorkpizza #nypizza #newyorkcity #newyorkstyle #nyceats #pizzalover #ilovepizza

You’ve seen me through it all.

Remember New Year’s 2014? Cuz I friggin’ don’t—there’s just like 6 pictures of me on Instagram inhaling pizza, so I’m assuming you were there too. Because who else would I want to ring in the new year with? You’re the one I go to whenever I’m sad, mad, happy, scared…

And hungry AF.

So, here’s to you dollar slice, long may your crust run thin. 

I promise not to eat you with a fork.

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