Remember when we told you that New York City was decriminalizing public drinking

Well, drink up New Yorkers! Today's that glorious day where day drinking in public will only result in a fine rather than being locked up in handcuffs. But what about other low-level crimes?

The NYPD has announced that it would no longer arrest people in Manhattan who commit crimes such as littering, public urination, taking up two subway seats, or public consumption of alcohol, according to NBC New York

While this doesn't mean that you can start funneling beers on your friends stoop, it does affect quite a few New Yorkers. 

Before today, the NYPD would have to arrest anyone who committed a low-level crime while that person had an open summons. 

What constitutes an open summons? According to NBC New York, more than 1 million New Yorkers currently have open summons for failing to appear in court. 

Rather than arrest these people for committing minor crimes, the NYPD will instead issue a summons, unless the NYPD witnesses a demonstrated public safety threat, which will result in an arrest. 


However, a person with an open warrant will be arrested, though they will not be charged with another criminal offense if committing a low-level crime. 

While many people are concerned that the decriminalization of these minor crimes will result in an onslaught of drunk driving or public intoxication, these offenses are still prosecuted by the District Attorney. 

The policy is expected to result in nearly 10,000 fewer cases a year, according to NBC New York, which will allow NYPD officers more time to focus on serious crimes. 

In all seriousness, please don't abuse this new policy by peeing on everything in sight. Our streets are dirty enough without your addition of urination. 

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[via NBC New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Convoe]