New York City is known for many, many things. We've got plenty of iconic grub, bars with lots of history, and you are sure to never be bored while you're here. But, you gotta take the bad with the good.

You've helped a tourist out with directions before. Hell, you even did with a great big smile. But, sometimes, you've had a long day of questioning your existence and dealing with packed sidewalks filled with slow tourists so you just snap. 

It's natural - science, if you will. And with it comes the general acceptance that we're just rude AF. But we're (somehow) just not as rude as we used to be. 

The annual Travel + Leisure’s America’s Favorite Places survey shows that Miami has taken the top spot as rudest city in America, with Phoenix in second and NYC at third.

Last year, we were number one, so what happened? Are we not giving out as many one-finger salutes anymore?

Well, the answer may be that tourists and many are expecting New Yorkers to be rude. Now, that we've had the title for so long it isn't as shocking for those who wish to explore - we mean get lost in the city and ask for directions.

Now, people come all over the world to have the new New York experience. Slice of a pizza there, Times Square here and someone shoving you harder than linebacker.

Meanwhile, Phoenix keeps climbing the list. They were the 8th rudest city last year, and it looks like they are comin' for that number one spot. It's getting ludicrous there. Or mean. Or "Rudicrous," if you will.


Although they are winning "quality of life" awards left and right, the city just doesn't like visitors and they are expressing that with vigor and passion that we once had. Bienvenido a Miami, cabron.  

Miami is getting snooty and people are taking note. Last year, they were second and now the city has taken our spot as rudest because of luxury. The city is booming and visitors are seeing the snob level go up faster than the temperature. 


Everyone has the potential to be completely rude and maybe we flaunt it a little better than others, but we should be happy that we aren't on top of this list. You hear that, jerk? Don't worry about being rude, worry about being a good New Yorker to others.

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