8 Absolute Essentials for Throwing an Amazing Super Bowl Party in Your Tiny NYC Apartment

The Super Bowl is coming up. For some people, the Super Bowl is about whether Cam Newton straight-up dabs on the Broncos. For others, it's about watching Peyton "The Sheriff" Manning ride out into the sunset with one last ring just like Elway did back in 1999.  

For a tiny, select few it's about Coldplay performing during halftime. These people might be the saddest of any Super Bowl viewers, but hey, they're still going to come to the party. 

However, for some the Super Bowl is much more about food, drinks, and laughs than it is about huge grown men in pads running into each other. Some people take the Super Bowl... well, maybe they care just a little too much. Others, of course, just came here to party

Some people take the Super Bowl... well, maybe they care just a little too much. Others, of course, just came here to party.

Now, in years past, watching the Super Bowl at a bar was the tried-and-tested move as bars have a more or less unlimited flow of alcohol.

Ever since the innovation of Minibar, however, this unlimited flow of alcohol has moved inside New Yorkers' apartments. 

Imagine having a non-stop stream of beer arriving at your door without ever having to leave? Our prediction? Minibar is the dark horse favorite to win the big game without ever even taking the field.

Of course, since our apartments are all laughably tiny, there are several essentials you need to keep in mind if you're throwing a Super Bowl party in your New York City apartment. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Alcohol

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We're just going to assume you fall into the category of people more worried about getting drunk than watching football. Is that an okay assumption?

We thought so. Here's the thing: You're going to be running around, cleaning, and trying to coordinate your cooking schedule with your roommate's. 


Your kitchen is tiny, and you can't make buffalo chicken dip while your roommate is making pigs in the blanket. 

All this is to say, if you order your Super Bowl party alcohol from Minibar, you'll rescue yourself from the strife of leaving your apartment, buying alcohol, and lugging it back to your apartment.

With a couple of taps on the app you'll have your beer, wine, and liquor on its way to your apartment. You don't even have to pay extra for delivery. Also, it'll come within the hour. 

2. Delicious snacks

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Like we said, coordinating the kitchen is necessary. Hopefully, you and your roommate have communicated, so you can prepare your football shaped cheese plate without bumping into anyone in the kitchen.

Hopefully, your roommate can finish their always-too-spicy taquitos while you stir your perfectly chunky homemade guacamole without getting in each other's ways.

Having a tiny kitchen is a bummer, but having a table full of incredible, delicious-looking Super Bowl party food is enough to turn anyone's mood around.

Your alcohol comes in the middle of all this food preparation, and the only struggle you'll face now is trying to avoid eating and drinking everyone before your guests come.

3. Pizza

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Okay, we know pizza should technically fall into the "delicious food" category, but we're pretty sure pizza deserves a section all to itself. We're also guessing you'd agree.

Every New Yorker loves pizza, and every New Yorker loves a hot, steaming pizza pie they don't have to prepare. Whether it's authentic Grandma slices, or some outerborough joint you couldn't possibly replace, New Yorkers. Love. Pizza. 

We told you it's going to be a crowded day in your kitchen, and there's going to be a lot going on in your apartment.

Life-hack the sh*t out of the situation by ordering a delivery pizza or seven. That way there will be a centerpiece food everyone loves, that you won't have to worry about preparing.

Is it even legal to watch the Super Bowl without pizza? We really don't think it is. Unless you're planning on ordering Papa Johns. That should be illegal in NYC. 

4. Seating

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Having enough seats for everyone attending your party is key. You're not throwing a Saturday night rager. You're throwing a Super Bowl Sunday football-watching party.

No matter how devoted you are to partying, you'll definitely have friends devoted to watching the actual football game. Assuming everyone will spend the party standing around and talking to each other is not the move. 

Gather all the forces. Grab desk chairs from bedrooms and chairs from the kitchen table and situate them around the TV. You will be glad you did this.

5. Access to the game

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Okay, this point sounds pretty obvious, and forgive us if you're the type that watches football on your apartment's television every single Sunday.

Believe it or not, there are some New Yorkers whose televisions are little more than apartment decor. To these New Yorkers: if you plan on setting your computer up to an HDMI cord and streaming it from the internet, for God's sake please attempt this before your party.

You should know exactly how to maneuver your TV to get the game up and running before your guests arrive. If not, you're going to have some angry guests.

6. Friends

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We're guessing you're probably in the throes of planning your guest list. Obviously, you should invite your NYC friends you most enjoy spending time with. However, for a Super Bowl party, there are other factors to consider.

Inviting the friend who's the best at cooking food is clearly the move. If you have a friend who posts Instagram pictures of incredibly enviable food and has more than 2,000 followers, that friend should score an automatic invite.

If you care about football, invite friends who also care a lot about football. If you couldn't give a single hoot about football, don't invite just the diehard football friends. They'll get mad at you for talking during the game. Trust us.

7. More alcohol

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Oh, what's that? You've run out of alcohol in the middle of your super duper fun party? Everyone was having a blast, striking the perfect balance of watching the game and messing around, and your beer supply ran dry?


Well, luckily, there's that trusted app called Minibar to save the day in a catastrophe such as this. All you have to do is make a few taps, and start cheering. No, not because #CaMVP just broke loose for a touchdown, but because the beer is on its way.

Before Minibar, running out of beer would have been a devastating tragedy that ended your party. But ever since you met Minibar, your party is everlasting, infinite, capable of transcending the elements. #LongLiveParties.

8. Loud speakers

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If you're super tech savvy or know someone who is, you should consider this suggestion. Rigging up an extra set of speakers to your TV on Super Bowl Sunday isn't a bad idea.

The classic tension that gurgles below the surface at Super Bowl parties is when some people want to actually watch the game, and some don't.

If you can finagle pumpin' the volume, you'll be able to blast it above the conversations of people who still think the Broncos would be here with Tebow, so long as they had this defense. 

Louder speakers will make the diehard, "For the Love of the Game," amateur-talking-head football fans much less angry, and they're volatile enough as it is. Now, you just have to hope your neighbors care about the game too.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Vivienne Gucwa] 

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