Nitehawk Cinemas combines our three favorite things: eatin', drinkin', and watchin' movies. The Williamsburg cinema is NYC's premier dine-in movie theater! 

And they love a good themed movie night.

Tickets go on sale today for Nitehawk's next Film Feast: John Carpenter's "action adventure comedy kung fu ghost story monster movie" Big Trouble In Little China.

On April 18th, Nitehawk is teaming up with the historic Dim Sum restaurant, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, to create a menu inspired by the film's Chinatown setting. 

Themed libations (21+ event, sorry lil bb's), will be brought to you by Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Each of the five courses will be served at the point in the movie that inspired the name of the dish/beer. And Nitehawk's executive chef Kurt Applegate, and Nom Wah owner/chef Wilson Tang are promising chicken and shrimp dumplings, lo mein,, and sesame balls. Mmmmm.

Past Film Feasts include Silence of the Lambs (with lamb on the menu, obvs), Coming to America, Annie Hall, Goodfellas, and more! 

So what are you waiting for! Snag your tix for this 1986 Kurt Russell, Dennis Dun flop turned hilarious cult classic– before 'The Rock' hooks us up with another unnecessary remake. Tickets are $75 for the five-course meal/movie extravaganza. 

So raise a glass of Lagunitas and utter the greatest toast of all time: “May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.”

[Feature Image Courtesy FirstWeFeast] [via Gothamist]