They say that there are so many restaurants in New York City that you could eat at a different one for every meal for the rest of your life and still never try all of them.

This is due not only to the general size of the city and saturation of restaurants, but also because of the of the extremely high rate of restaurant turnover.

New businesses are opening and closing everyday, making it hard to keep track of the many trendy spots that everyone keeps telling you you absolutely HAVE to try.

But luckily, there exists a handful of restaurants that have withstood the test of time in NYC, and for good reason. These places are loaded with history, stories, and some of the most delicious grub in the city.

These 21 classic NYC restaurants are the oldest still around and will surely remain for decades more to come.

1. Fraunces Tavern - Est. 1762-1767 (54 Pearl Street)


2. Bridge Cafe - Est. 1794 (279 Water Street)


3. Delmonico's - Est. 1837 (56 Beaver Street)


4. Pete's Tavern - Est. 1864 (129 East 18th Street)


5. The Old Homestead Steakhouse - Est. 1868 (56 9th Avenue)


6. P.J. Clarke's - Est.1884 (915 Third Avenue)

7. Keens Steakhouse - Est.1885 (72 West 36th Street)


8. Peter Luger Steakhouse - Est.1887 (178 Broadway - Brooklyn)


9. Katz's Delicatessen - Est. 1888 (205 East Houston Street)


10. Yonah Schimmel Knishery - Est. 1890 (137 East Houston Street)


11. Lombardi's - Est.1897 (32 Spring Street)

12. Bamonte's - Est. 1900 (32 Withers Street, Williamsburg)