Don't stop reading, New York City.

It's a well-known fact that this city loves to read. People read practically everywhere at anytime, and we even got the pictures to prove it

If you really love to read, you've probably got a card in your wallet that allows you to get any book anytime. No, we don't mean your credit card to shop on Amazon. We're talking about your library card.

It now looks like libraries are stepping up their game and that little piece of plastic can get you your new favorite book on another little piece of plastic.

The New York Public Library has released a new app that will allow card holders explore their collection of 300,000 e-books that can be read on iOS or Android devices.

The app is called "SimplyE," and although it was made in 2016, it borrows classic library principals.

People will still be put on a wait list to check out the latest thriller or book that turned into a summer blockbuster. 

The New York Public Library has really been on fire lately. They recently released a bunch of amazing NYC photos to public domain, and mapped out some of the best love scenes that were set in the city.


The library is still expanding its vast collection of e-books so we can expect more titles and more people aimlessly walking around with their phones in their faces.

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[via New York Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]