Who's ready to play ball?

New York Baseball fans who missed the chance to ride the vintage "Train of Many Colors" to the Mets' Home Opener will get another chance to ride MTA's beloved throwback trains today.

If you're lucky enough to actually have a ticket to the Yankee's Home Opener today, zip on over to Grand Central Station to catch a ride out to the Bronx on the "Nostalgia Special".

Yankees' fans can travel back in time on their way to enjoy America's favorite past-time, on the non-stop old school ride between Grand Central 42nd Street and 161 Street-Yankee Stadium, departing at 11:30am today.

The four-car nostalgia train is made up of antique, Lo-V (low voltage) subway cars from 1917 that ran for more than five decades before retiring in the late '60s.

This train may be old, but it's still up to the task of making sure Yankees' fans get to the field before the opening pitch at 1:05pm!


Maybe this "Throwback Monday" joyride will convert more Mets fans into Yankees fans... but we doubt it.


[via Time Out NY][Feature Image Courtesy New York Post]