New Yorkers can travel back in time on their way to the Mets Home Opener today.

The MTA is shuttling Mets fans to the big game on vintage "nostalgia" trains on the 7 line, making express stops from 34 Street-Hudson Yards to Flushing-Main Street, beginning at 11:30am today.

You still have time!

Fans will arrive at CitiField on the "Train of Many Colors" which is made up of 11 different cars manufactured between 1948 and 1964.

The old school train will pull in before Noah Syndergaard lets loose his first pitch at 1:10pm.

And even though a new poll has shown that New Yorkers love the Mets more than the Yankees, the Bronx Bombers fans haven't been forgotten. 


MTA will run a similar promotion for the Yankees home opener on April 10th, by running four low-voltage trains from 1917 on the Lexington Avenue line.


Visit the past on your way to America's favorite pastime! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Second Avenue Sagas] [via AMNY]