Have you heard of Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant? You most certainly should have because they make some of the best falafel in NYC. Fight us on it. 

But there's some pretty big upgrades coming to their St. Mark's location. 

Co-Owner, Galal Chater, announced that Mamoun's is set to move from 22 St. Marks Place to 30 St. Marks Place opening on March 1st. 

Chater, who's father opened the business 45 years ago, believes that the larger space will give Mamoun's the opportunity to produce more menu items (like rice, feta cheese, and juice), allow for more seating, and even offer delivery for the first time in the business' history. 

Though Mamoun's made our list as one of the best cash-only restaurants in NYC, it may soon begin to accept plastic as well as dollar bills.

The move comes after issues surfaced with their landlord as the restaurant's 10-year lease came closer to its expiration date this spring. 


Along with his four brothers (who co-own Mamoun's), Chater began looking for a new space, when their broker suggested 30 St. Marks Place. 

The new lease was signed in three weeks. 

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"We love being there and we love being in the East Village," Chater stated about the opportunity to remain in St. Marks. 

Well, we love that they're in the East Village, and with a year fraught with unexpected, heartbreaking closures and changes just behind us, we're relieved that Mamoun's is not leaving St. Marks for good.

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