It's a new year, and that calls for some new music! Good thing local band Loose Buttons EP "Sundays" comes out next month! 

Loose Buttons is comprised of Eric Nizgretsky, Manny Silverstein, Adam Holtzberg, and Zachary Kantor and boy, do they know how to write a break-up anthem.

You can hang out with Loose Buttons every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in February at Pianos, where they have an upcoming residency.

"Sundays" is the perfect EP to get swallowed into as the weather gets colder and you just want a new song to put on a loop.

I had the chance to talk with Eric recently about the band's new EP and their favorite places in the city.

1. The Library Bar (7 Avenue A)

"A big source of inspiration for a ton of our lyrics. I have witnessed and lived through many heartbreaks at that bar. If only those walls could speak. 


There's actually a whole in the wall there that one of my friends punched. We wrote about it in our song "Tales Of What I'm Used To"

2. City Ice Pavilion (47-32 32nd Place - Long Island City)


"Our little studio is based out of a storage facility that shares the same address as this Ice Rink. We spend a ton of time there, so much time that we actually play in an Ice Hockey Rec League. Adam and I are Captain and Assistant Captain of our team! Shout out to the Crease Police."

3. Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue)


"Best venue in NYC hands down. We just spent New Year’s there watching Titus Andronicus and we had the time of our lives."

4. Russian Baths of NY (1200 Gravesend Neck Road)


For those who have the time to trek out to deep Brooklyn must stop at this banya. 


"We try to go on really cold days and we just hang out in sauna’s and steam rooms and eat Russian food. It’s a great time."

5. Rockaway Brewery (46-01 5th Street)

"An incredible brewery is literally one stop away on the 7 train from the city. A nice little spot if you want to support local New York breweries."

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]