This is not how the cookie crumbles. New York City has seen a lot of food trends. Like the magical rainbow bagels, or the surprisingly delicious vegan burgers that put the city on notice.

But, how can you tell when something has ceased being a trend and has transcended into something more permanent? They become so big that they must expand.

If there is one business in New York City that knows a thing or two about big it's Levain Bakery. Their lines are big, their flavor is big and their cookies are enormously big. They have become so big that they needed to expand.

Levain Bakery will be opening a new location with much more room two blocks away from their original spot that has been serving heavenly cookies and other goodies since 1995.

The new location will have 3,000 square feet and that is a huge bump from the original spot that has 400 square feet. 

More space means a lot more rent and the new location is gonna cost them $27,500 a month. 

Like we said, Levain Bakery only does it big.

Our only hope is that there won't be two lines as big as their cookies that somehow become warped and form a mega-line of hangry customers who would do anything for Levain's famed foods.


A big shout-out to Levain Bakery. We absolutely adore their enormous cookies and cannot wait to try them at their spot located at Amsterdam Avenue.


We'll bring the milk, Levain Bakery.

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[via New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]