Remember when we discussed, in minute detail, all the struggles of getting to work in the snow?

Part of that struggle was leaving behind all the groceries we bought for the blizzard which are rotting in our refrigerators as we speak. We're not the only ones that struggled, though.

Over the weekend, while we were cooking for ourselves for the first time in centuries, New York City's restaurants were quickly losing money.

According to Grub Street, the app Resy, which helps customers snag tables at the restaurants with the highest demand, saw traffic essentially grind to a halt. As in, New Yorkers were not making restaurant reservations on Saturday.

Since we were told again and again and again to stock up on groceries, we're not too surprised that New Yorkers stayed inside and cooked for themselves instead of heading out to restaurants.

Also, there's the tiny little added factor that there was 26.8 inches of snow on the ground, so actually getting to those restaurants would have been difficult.


Resy published the actual statistics of its NYC and D.C. restaurants' losses during Jonas. On Saturday, restaurants lost 88% of their business compared to the Saturday a week before.

On Sunday, restaurants in DC lost 38% of their business compared to Sunday the week before.

Plenty of high-profile restauranteurs chose to close their doors on Saturday rather than get pummeled by low volumes of customers.

Tom Colicchio tweeted, "If anyone was planning on coming out tonight, I have decided to close my NY restaurants. Craft Craftbar Colicchio&Sons and Riverpark."

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Momofuku tweeted, "all of our nyc restaurants will be closed for the remainder of the day due to inclement weather," and USHG tweeted "Safety first! All USHG restaurants will be closed for dinner."

GrubHub, which is the same company as Seamless, hasn't released data about its weekend sales. However, they did tell Bloomberg that they're doling out a hefty amount of refunds for orders that were unfilled.

FreshDirect reported it was making "only sporadic deliveries in Manhattan," though its operations resumed on Monday. FreshDirect also said that the deliveries they couldn't get out in time during Jonas are being donated to City Harvest and the Food Bank for New York City.

Like we said, we're not altogether blown away that NYC's restaurants had a bad weekend for business, but now that the Department of Sanitation's plows are washing away all the slush, we're guessing we'll all hit the restaurant game hard this weekend.  

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[via Grubstreet] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]